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Chocolate & Cookie Lover

Chocolate & Cookie Lover

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SKU: LF75-31

Still have no idea what to give for someone’s birthday, anniversary or housewarming? Opt for our wonderful sweets basket which can make any occasion unforgettable. This cute present without any frills will be a token of your care and love. The recipient will certainly go into rapture over it devouring every single piece of the sweets.

The "Chocolate and Cookie Lover" Gift Basket includes 7 various gourmet items like chocolate, cookies, crackers, almonds, taffy, truffles, pralines, nuggets, toffee and coffee.

         • DELUXE contains 9 Gourmet Treats;

         • SUPERSIZE contains 11 Gourmet Treats.

Approximate: 8"W x 10"H.

* Note: Gift Basket may not be exactly as shown.

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Deluxe Gift Baskets are more impressive and contain more gourmet items then the standard Gift Basket
SUPERSIZE Gift Baskets are significantly more impressive and contain more gourmet items then the Deluxe Gift Basket
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