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Gourmet Collection IV

Gourmet Collection IV

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From year to year it’s become difficult to choose a proper gift to someone you love as you know them quite well and have already given what they wanted. So, you’re racking your brains over the present which should be useful and at the same time delightful. This is exactly where our Gourmet Collection IV Gift Basket comes in very handy. It’s a basket of happiness, joy and positive emotions because of a classic and wonderful combinations of something sweet and bitter, useful and tasty, i.e. chocolate and coffee. The fragrance of this incredible drink will spread all over the house and the sweets will melt on your mouth.

As a famous writer, Oscar Wild, said: “I can resist anything except temptation”. This present won’t leave anyone indifferent, neither a man, nor a woman.

Includes 24 gourmet items of various kinds of chocolate, cookies, crackers, truffles, taffy, pralines, nuggets, almonds, tea and coffee.

         • DELUXE Gift Basket contains 28 Gourmet Treats.

         • SUPERSIZE Gift Basket contains 32 Gourmet Treats.

* Note - Gift Basket will not be exactly as shown.

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SUPERSIZE Gift Baskets are significantly more impressive and contain more gourmet items then the Deluxe Gift Basket
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