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12 Mixed Long Stem Roses

12 Mixed Long Stem Roses

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Want to see a radiant smile of someone you love? Today is a perfect day to tell her how amazing she is, and this dazzling bouquet of 12 mixed color roses with some greens is just what you need! These flowers will keep her in high spirits the whole day, satisfy the eyes and embrace her life with vibrant colors. Happiness is in the details: when he hugs you at night for you not to be cold; or when he asks you to fasten the seat belt because he cares about you; or when he gives you a charming bouquet from Bloomex. Attention! After you give her this bunch of flowers be ready to hear “Wow!”, “It’s gorgeous!”, “It smells great!”

To allow these beautiful flowers to last much longer, they are delivered fresh, budding and ready to bloom. Vases and greeting cards are available during check out.

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