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Designers Collection I

Designers Collection I

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Our professional staff work hard on creating such fascinating bouquets as those in Designers Collection. They consist of different marvelous blooms thoroughly assorted by our specialists for the present to bring as much positive emotions as it possible. These bouquets are universal and suit to any person for any occasion.
You can even give a bunch of flowers on an ordinary day to show the recipient that you think about her, want to make her elated and inspire to start something new. Sometimes, all we need is a nice big hug and pleasant smelling flowers filling the whole house with its aroma. However, a bouquet is considered to be a classic gift appropriate to any occasion. If the recipient isn’t meticulous about flowers a bouquet from Designers Collection is an ideal way to surprise her. Our florists arrange a unique bouquet combining various blooming plants but it’s always something magnificent that will make her cry for joy.
Bouquet includes Designers Collection of a beautiful mix of at least 12 stems of flowers or a single type of flower, like Roses.
* Note: Actual bouquet will vary from photo. Not Available for Same Day Delivery. Cannot be used with coupon.

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