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Sweet Blossoms Collection III

Sweet Blossoms Collection III

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Our charming spring bouquet with various greens boosts her spirits and fill the house with the fragrance of fresh cut flowers. A greeting card will convey your intentions even more clearly and fully. And the vase arranged by our staff and included to the package will complete the present; and the delicious truffles will make it sweeter. Any woman will be touched with such a present and may even feel a sentimental attachment to it. What can be better than seeing a happy smile and joy on her face, especially when it was you who caused them! Sent or given for a special event this cute gift will be left in her heart once and forever as well as the vase in her room and the flavor of truffles on her tongue!

Package includes: clear glass vase, a box of decadent Belgian Truffles and Deluxe Gift Packaging (Full Size Greeting Card, colored chiffon tissue and a premium gift box).

Approximately 14 W x 15 H.

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